You will need
  • - passport of the mother and father of the child,
  • - birth certificate of the child.
Write the consent of the child will need if he is a minor and is sent abroad without their parents or guardians (guardians, Trustees, adoptive parents). In that case, when he sent another and someone from the parents, to travel outside Russia it will be able to without the document confirming the consent of the other. But ask in advance – in some countries for entry of consent from the absent parent, may be required.
For writing the consent of both parents of the child need to take their passports, birth certificate of the child to appear before the notary. Imagine the notary information about where your child and who will accompany. There is no difference to what the notary will be more convenient to apply. And state, and having a private practice, the notary is entitled to certify your signature on the document
Standardized format for parental consent for a child does not exist. After the heading, write: "I Hereby certify my consent to the trip of my minor daughter (or son)". Write her name, name and patronymic, date of birth, country of departure, the period indicating the start and end dates. Also indicate, in whose support will move the child.
In addition, the consent must be an indication that adoption or delay of the child during the stay abroad are not provided. Another mandatory sentence – so will agree to in accordance with article 20 and 22 of the Federal law "On procedure of exit from Russia and entry to Russia" full responsibility for the life and health of your child took the man who he will take with him. He also you're writing to confirm permission to make payments and act on your behalf when performing all the formalities related to the stay of the child abroad.
The notary will notarize your signature and seal them with the seal. The cost assurance procedure will cost about 800 rubles.