The procedure of registration email will take the user a few minutes. What you only need to think of for e-mail username and password required to log into email.
The username is a unique name for your e-mail, the first part of the email address. Its uniqueness is defined by the postal service. If similar names are already available on the Internet, you will be prompted to change the title. If your address is the only thing you can feel free to create and use electronic box.
At first glance, to come up with a login easy. But it turns out that it is not so simple. After all, you need to address your mailbox was comfortable, memorable and short. When you create names you can use the personal information surname, name. When registering, the system mail service will offer you to e-mail a number of options based on the previously listed information. You can choose as a login one of these names or create your own, giving the space your own imagination.
Login can be a derivative part of the surname, name, patronymics, nicknames of Pets. Add numbers, memorable dates, events. And the uniqueness of the login you will be provided.
The name of the electronic mailbox may be associated with the terms of your occupation, profession, qualities of character, by place of residence. A variety of reduction and Association are also welcomed. For example, for a healthcare professional working e-mail address may resemble the following: medraib2012@your domain name, where the first part of the login "med" means medicine, "rai" - district, "b" - hospital, 2012 – the year of the creation of the mailbox.
In the same vein, you can experiment with other fields of activity, names of the organizations in which you work in other institutions. Try to translate any language you liked the word. And it too shall pass as the username if the name is not used in the network.