In no case do not put the bed footboard to the door. It is believed to be bad luck, because in this way out of the room, as a rule, take out the dead. And the rules of Feng Shui state that this position of the bed is unacceptable, because by night through the open door you can easily enter bad energy. If you put the bed in another way is not possible, to reduce the negative impact you can, closing the bedroom door while you sleep.
It is impossible to put the bed headboard to the window. A sleeping man is defenseless and highly vulnerable. It is during sleep, he needs more support. According to Feng Shui, window can give a person a sense of security. Therefore, the bed is better to have a headboard to the wall.
To put the bed close to the window, even if the headboard will be against the wall, also not recommended. And it is not even in Feng-Shui. The cold air emanating from the window can cause a cold or more serious diseases.
Do not place the bed under wall cabinets and large chandeliers. These items may cause you felt anxiety and appear to you as a potential threat. Such experiences can cause insomnia, because they will not let you relax for real.
Not the best location for the bed in the room is the passage between door and window. According to Feng Shui, there is always an active movement of different energies that prevent restful sleep.
Do not place the bed facing the mirror. The subject is able to reflect any energy and send it back. And the sleep necessary for the person to relax and get rid of unneeded information, disturbing thoughts, negative emotions, problems, experiences. The mirror opposite the bed to reflect the day stored bad energy and send it back to you. In the end, you will Wake up tired and depressed.
Harmful radiation coming from close to the bed of the TV, also will negatively affect your sleep and overall condition.