You will need
  • - mobile phone connected to the "MegaFon";
  • - computer with Internet access.
Take part in a bonus program, choosing one of the following methods. You can send code 5010 free SMS message to number 5010. You can dial on mobile phone command *105#. You can call the toll free number 0510. You can register online using the service "Service-guide".
Earn one bonus point for every 30 rubles (including VAT), spent on communication services from MegaFon in the past month.
Participate in special events and use additional features of the bonus program to quickly accumulate a large number of points. Follow the news of the company "MegaFon". At the same time, pay attention to the fact that the duration of additional points may be different from the validity of other bonuses.
Keep in mind that the bonus points are in the course of the year. After twelve months of accumulated but unused bonus points shall expire.
Share bonuses with other clients of "MegaFon". To give points you can not, but you can activate the bonus compensation to the other party – participant of the program "MegaFon-Bonus". On room 5010 to send an SMS message with the text: [the remuneration Code][Space][Number to which the activation in the ten digit format, i.e. without 8 or +7].