You will need
  • package of documents for opening accounts of the physical person;
  • package of documents for opening account for a legal entity;
  • - documents for the company;
  • - cash in sufficient quantity.
Select the area where you want to open an offshore account. It offers countries with low taxation (e.g., Cyprus, Liechtenstein, UK, etc.) or complete absence (Dominican Republic, Belize, Marshall Islands, etc.).
Determine how you want to act. Can decide to buy ready-made offshore company. Or through a special Agency to register a new one. Your name will not appear in open account, only the name of the company.
Decide whether you want to personally go to a country where open offshore account. Many banks in some countries offer to do it remotely. This opportunity is offered to use, for example, in Cyprus, Latvia, CIM Banque in Switzerland.
Look at the direction of the selected Bank. Some are designed for long-term storage of money, others work on the regular payroll. Find out about the availability of counterparties and also verify if there is a list of banks with which they work in your country of residence. Opening an account in such an organization will look more believable by third parties.
Prepare the documents required for opening an account offshore. If you are an individual: internal and foreign passport; document on the main sources of income; contact information; description of the purpose of account opening, and basic operations that plan to produce with it; the turnover per year; approximate number of operations. Some Western banks reserve the right to expand this list at their discretion.
To open an account offshore legal entity the following documents are required: certificate of incorporation; current bylaws; trust documents; documents of the beneficiary; the personal documents of the Trustee Bank account; the document on appointment of a Director of the company and his passport.
We have documentation about the company that opened the account. This description of the purpose of the account and anticipated operations; the annual turnover; sources of income; summary of the beneficiary with contact information. Banks reserve the right to add requirements to this list.
When the documents for opening an account offshore will be collected, decide how you want to do this operation. Can independently address in the selected Bank. Or head to a company that will assist you in opening an account for a small fee. They can also buy you a ready-made company in the country offshore.