Take the initiative in their hands. A girl can't offer you my number or ask your. It is the prerogative of the stronger sex. Remember that your utmost happiness is only in your hands, so throw away all doubts. If a girl you liked, you should get her phone number. Before attempting to find a cherished numbers need a little bit, but to talk with the beauty.
Do not apologize, and say phrases with negative particles. It looks ugly, and on a subconscious level triggers the failure. Convince yourself that the room you take, and do not ask. It is not necessary to grovel and mumble, this behavior is unlikely to please the girl.
Ask how we can continue to communicate or how to communicate with your counterpart. Such a phrase is to look natural and show your interviewee that you are interested in it. You can make a tempting offer. For example, go to see the movie, which she had not seen, to teach her how to skate or to visit a new nightclub. The offer must interest her, otherwise you may be denied. So, before you offer something, a little get to know your companion.
If a girl rejects your phone, don't push her. Ask if her e-mail or ICQ number. If it is refused, move the conversation to another topic. Try to make laugh, to surprise or to interest the girl. And after a while repeat my request to leave contact.
Try to construct sentences so that the girl had no choice. For example, ask whether it would provide you a number home, work or cell phone. That is, she will think what to give you, not to ponder whether she should continue with you acquaintance.
Resort to tricks. For example, start to look for your cell phone. And after a while ask herto take your number so you can hear the sound and was able to find a lost phone. This is the best option because she can't cheat on you or accidentally called the wrong room.