You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • photography.
Upload the picture you want to edit in Photoshop. If the area of the photo that you want to work, contains small defects, remove them with the Healing Brush tool (the Healing brush) or the Clone Stamp ("cloning Tool"). Not to make changes to the original photo, Ctrl+Shift+N on top of it, create a new layer and selecting the desired tool, enable in its settings the option to Sample all layers ("Sample all layers").
Pressing the Alt key, click the image fragment suitable for copying pixels, which will be closed defect. After releasing the button, paint over the area that needs retouching. If the copy source is different from the edited fragment color and brightness, try to apply the Healing Brush. If this difference is missing or is not essential for you, select the Clone Stamp.
After the correction of the small parts keep the visible layers using the Alt+Shift+Ctrl+E. the Original picture and the retouched layer will remain in your document. If the not needed pre-correction, re-enter it with Ctrl+J.
Turn on the tool Lasso ("Lasso"), pointing in the Feather (Feather) amount of feathering of the selection. Draw a fully configured tool dark area under one eye.
Activate the Patch Tool and enable in its settings the option Source ("Source"). Move the highlighted area to the area of the image, which is suitable as a patch. In the process of moving the fragment you will be able to observe changes in the treated area of the picture depending on where the selection.
Having an acceptable result, deselect with Ctrl+D and apply in the same way the second eye.
May edited fragments of the picture will require a light clarification. To do this, duplicate the top layer and apply it to all other parts of the document in Screen mode ("Clarification"). Focusing on the brightness of the skin under the eyes, adjust the transparency of this layer. To reduce the bleaching effect, make the top picture more transparent, setting the Opacity (Opacity) value is less than one hundred percent.
Option Hide All (Hide all) Layer Mask to the group ("layer Mask") menu Layer ("Layer") hide the layer under the mask. To keep the lightening on the desired portions of the image, paint with black in the layer mask in those areas with white color, applying the Brush tool (Brush).
Option Save As (Save as) File menu ("File") save the edited copy of the original image.