You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - passport
One such service is the option "Chameleon", offering to read a particular news item, the title of which appeared on the phone screen. Such news, coming to the subscriber during the day, there may be several, for the discovery of each of them from his account the money deducted. Service "Chameleon" is currently automatically connects to all sim card of subscribers of the mobile operator Beeline. At MTS this service is called a little differently – "MTS-news".
To disable the sending of the signed themes at the operator of cellular communication of MTS, use your phone menu. Scroll to find "MTS Services", then click "MTS-news", open the "Topic Subscriptions". Remove the icons next to those newsletters that you do not wish to receive and click "OK".
If you can not find in menu of your phone like this and are unable to switch off unnecessary mailings, call - free telephone reference service MTS 0890 and, calling their passport or other data you provided when concluding the agreement, explain to the operator the nature of your problem. Also with this question you can go to the nearest salon-representation of MTS, taking a personal passport.
If you need to disable "Chameleon" on the phone connected to Vodafone, find it in the menu of the device icon sim card Beeline, click on it and select "Chameleon". Then click "Activate" and click "Disable". Or call the customer service center of Beeline the number 0611 and ask the operator to help you disable the service "Chameleon". In addition, by calling 0674, you will receive access to the control menu the services of Beeline, and can also produce disabling unneeded options.