Dial the sequence *#4777*8665# (for phone brand "Samsung"). In the menu "Attach mode settings" select "gprs detach", remove from it a tick. Switch off your phone and turn it back on, then the option will be deactivated.
To disable the EDGE service a little, change the settings for APN access, through which you receive the service. Enough to put a period at the end ' APN. When querying data in this case you will receive a message "Service not connected" and it won't be passed. To restore service, replace the configuration is correct, removing the point.
Use the utility SBSetting. This program can be downloaded from the Internet in free access. Install it on your phone, go to menu and find the option to enable or disable EDGE.
If you have iPhone iOS 4.0, turning off EDGE will not be difficult. Go to phone menu, select "Settings", then select "Basic" then "Network". Disable the option "mobile data". Once it has been activated, no program will not be included in the Internet using the GPRS traffic.
Visit mobile Internet browser Safari. Click on "iPhone No Data.Com". Then click on the button that says "Turn off EDGE/3G" (i.e., off). In the open dialog box will appear the "Install" button, click on it. Then a dialog box appears with a button "Install Now". Click on it, turning off the EDGE service on your iPhone. Note that if you use WiFi connection, to disable this option is optional.
Call customer service of mobile operator "Beeline", if you are a subscriber of the network. Ask them to turn off automatically connected to the service "Any apn" which is responsible for the provision of the service EDGE. Zero "Apn" phone to the network will appear. Or ask them to disable the GPRS (EDGE is a simple extension that allows GPRS to work at a higher speed).