You will need
  • scented washing powder;
  • - cleaning agent;
  • - lavender sachet;
  • - new toilet tray.
Discover a distinctive wet spot in his bed, estimate their location and size. If it's just a puddle, most likely, the animal decided to use your bed instead of the tray. But small splashes on the sides of the pillow or the wall near the bed can talk about what your pet has started to mark territory.
Как отучить кота метить территорию
Usually leave the label intact cats. If your pet falls into that category, think seriously about castration. It removes many behavioural problems and will save your apartment from the labels. Otherwise, you'll discover them more often.
все коты метят территорию
If your cat is not interested in the "marking of territory", but just found the bed a comfortable alternative to his tray, act decisively. Thoroughly wash bedding, which hit the urine, including blankets and pillows. The mattress is treated with stain remover and turn it over to the other side. Soft goods that cannot be washed, dry in the open air. Your task – to destroy the smell of cat excreta. Use washing powder with strong perfume and scented air conditioning.
как отучить котенка писать в доме
As extra protection put to bed lavender sachet – cats don't like sharp flavors. But do not use mint or oregano – these odors attract animals with a vengeance. Perhaps the aromatic attack would be enough, the beast will realize that in bed it is nothing to do.
Почему кошка писает на кровать хозяев
Check the litter tray cat. If it is not cleaned and no change filler, a neat little beast will sooner or later find a more comfortable place for the toilet. Carefully clean the tray or replace it with new. Many cats prefer to have two toilet – do not deny them in this little whim. To buy a second tray is easier than every day to wash bedding.
как сделать постель для собаки
If gentle measures fail, just don't let the cat into the bedroom. Perhaps in his mind already entrenched the link between bedding and the administration of their needs. This mental chain must be broken. At night close the cat in the toilet or bathroom alone with the tray and drinker. After a week try to prevent it in the bedroom. Most often during this period, the animal forgets about his adventures and begins to behave.