You will need
  • Editor Adobe Acrobat.
Run the editor Acrobat, and then load the desired pdf document. At the left edge of the sheet there is a tab "Page", where the thumbnails with numbers are displayed the icons of document pages. Select among them everything you need - you can delete one or several pages. In the same column above the list of placed pages icon with a picture of a basket or even trash can - click on it. The program requires you confirm the operation, as it is irreversible - click in the dialog box, click OK.
The delete operation can be done via the main Acrobat menu. Discover in this section "Document" and select "Delete pages". This command represents a combination of "hot keys" Ctrl + Shift + D you can use it. On the page thumbnails icon is placed on the gear icon containing a drop-down set of commands - it is also possible to select "Delete pages". How do you activate this command, the editor will display a dialog box with two fields in which you need to specify the range of deleted pages. Having done this, click OK.
After removal of the pages from a document, Adobe recommends that forcibly reduce the size of the file - this command placed in one of the sections editor menu pdf. Depending on version, look for it either in the menu called "File" or under "Document". In both cases, the menu bar has the same wording - "Reduce file size". Selecting this command causes display additional dialog box in which you need to choose one of the options of compatibility of the saved document. By doing this, keep in mind that the choice depends on the size of the pdf file - if in the ninth version of Acrobat you specify compatibility only with the same versions of programs-viewers and editors, file size will be significantly less than selecting compatibility up to fourth versions of these applications.