You will need
  • - AMD Control Center;
  • - Nvidia Control Panel.
The most efficient way to switch the active video – the use of special software. In any case you will have to install drivers for both graphics cards. Visit the website of the developers used laptop.
Find the menu "Downloads" or "Software". Navigate to the list of applications that are suitable for your laptop. Download software that allows you to configure the operating modes of the video card.
If you haven't found desired SOFTWARE, try downloading the app from the developer's site cards. In this case, the recommended to start to establish the program, which is designed for the integrated adapter.
Install the application and restart the notebook. It should be noted that when using Intel and Nvidia graphics cards you are unlikely to change the active adapter. Most often, the program automatically starts the correct device.
When using a graphic cards company AMD (Radeon) open the app AMD Control Centre. Go to utility Power Express. In the menu that appears, click the "High performance GPU" or "Low energy consumption of the GPU." After that will be activated work discrete or integrated circuit Board, respectively.
To disconnect one of the adapters use the firmware laptop. Open the BIOS menu. Go to the tab Advanced Setup (Options).
Find the settings menu of adapters. Set unnecessary fees Disable. Be careful! If, after activation of the specified option will disappear the display, shut down the laptop by holding the power button. In any case, do not exit the BIOS menu and save the parameters.