Advice 1: How original answer to the question

The questions are very different: the duty and tricky, absurd and painful, childish and playful, rhetorical and actual, direct and philosophical. But none of them will be hard for you if you know how an original answer.
Put to a standstill overly detailed answers. If you're annoyed by the on-call questions that the other asks "for show" and not of interest to your life, obscurite his detailed story about your wellbeing over the last week or all deeds that you for the day. Emotionally to go into the smallest details. A smart man will probably get the hint. The main thing - do not overdo it with hyperbole.
Awkward situations always can brighten up the humor. For example, you need to issue a decision that does not please the opponent. For starters, tell us a joke or funny story related to the subject matter, and then smoothly move to your answer. But don't forget about the status of the interlocutors. Jokes that good friends may be inappropriate at a business meeting.
Wordplay is great, and most importantly profitable if you want an original way to answer any question. Think of a good phrase-pun intended, pick up a fun rhyme or unusual the Association, etc. Well, if you manage not to just rhyme the end of a question and answer on the subject. Do not go to the coarseness or rudeness. For example, in response to the question "How are you?" the interlocutor is unlikely to please the vulgar "has not Yet brought forth." Of course, we are not talking about a possible situation with a really pregnant woman.
Surprise unexpected solutions. If you have any important interview, and we can assume the typical questions that will be asked, try to come up with original and maybe even funny answers. But be sure to consider the severity of the event. For example, if you decide to get in a solid company, it is not necessary in the interview in response to the question "Why do you want to become an employee of our company?" joke that you actually sent resumes to a dozen organizations and agree to work in any location where will take.

Advice 2: How to answer tough questions

And when we are waiting for an addition?, "You're hair forgot to wash?", "How much does your Sasha?"... Tactless questions, which are asked by friends and distant relatives take us by surprise. Learn to answer them with dignity, resembling in impolite by questioning.
You will need
  • His composure, sense of humor
Smile and mysterious.Impolite conversationalist sometimes just don't realize they've offended you or put in an uncomfortable situation. Silence can be interpreted as anything: Yes, no, don't know, maybe, and you? The lack of response, of course, also not very nice from the point of view of ethics, but when you choose between scandal, tears and silence, it's a win-win. Probably the author of the question will wonder why you do not support the conversation.
Vague or joking.Here are a few answers that you can prepare in advance:
"How old are you?" - "I'm twenty years old and many, many, many months", "Like you, only smaller", "I'm always eighteen."
"You're seeing someone?" "Yes, with three girls at the same time" (suitable for men and women), "I'm too busy: I save the world."
"When are you getting married?" "Don't know white makes me look fat", "am still not yet", "I'm still a little married walk" "...and that you and your husband didn't say anything?".
"Why don't you have children?" "I like to sleep at night", "When I want to cuddle the baby, I go to the neighbors for half an hour", "why do you have three?".
"How much do you currently weigh?" "You don't raise", "About a hundredweight", "the plane stopped to let: does not take off from such gravity."
"What is the salary of your husband?" - "And yours?", "As President of a small country".
Answer the truth if the matter is serious. If the question is unpleasant to you, but a joke you can not answer, try to answer honestly. For example, it is impossible to postpone the talk concerning the health and the lives of your loved ones and you. Sometimes it is enough just to describe the situation without details and details: "You are not going to sign until the baby's born?" "No, we'll do that later, the baby could be happy for us." If your interest in this distant relatives, or unfamiliar people, can just say, "Why are you interested?", "What do I have to tell you about it?". Don't be afraid to show that you like this theme, don't be afraid to answer sharply. Your life is your own business, only you can control the presence of strangers.
It's not worth yelling and angrily respond to the other party: if he didn't want to hurt you, he'll be upset, but if this originally was the goal, so you can show that such conversations cause you pain.
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Try to find a balance within themselves, then no rude questions will not knock you off track.

Advice 3: How to answer the question: how on personal front

Question about your personal Affairs can ask many. However, do I need to tell everyone the truth? Someone asked just because someone wants to help. Don't spit it out. Trust only trusted people.
Friends often ask us questions to which answers in principle, and not interested in them. These rules of communication. The phrase "how are you", "how are you feeling", "personal front" are more a kind of greeting. So whether or not to answer the question "how on personal front?

Asked for a reason

If this question you asked just on the go, you should not tell the person about the situation in your home, regardless of whether it is positive or not. You can smile back and also say the on-call phrase: "all good" or "best".

Another thing – your best friend whom you have not seen. She can also ask the state of your love Affairs, the birth of which she was a witness. In brief terms, to tell her about the main thing, they say, "I'm getting married, you're invited too" "I long ago broke up with him, we're not a couple" and stuff like that.

Out of curiosity

If you see that the person is too interested in your Affairs, then definitely this question also should not answer. You don't know what purpose you are asking about personal matters whether this person is good for you, so it is enough to assure him that you're fine. If curiosity does not cease to pester you with questions that you absolutely do not want to answer, you need to cut it with a phrase like "if I need advice, I will return to you" or "I don't discuss this subject with friends". Let this person think next time before you meddle in their Affairs.

In friendly circle

Sometimes friends are very hurt. For example, you're sitting on some holiday friends almost all came in pairs, and you alone. Someone might ask: "How are things on the personal front? You're 30, married time". For you is already a sore subject, but there is. Don't show that you are hurt. Safely parry: "According to statistics, marriages after 30 less likely to disintegrate. So you married a long time, there is something to worry" or "getting married Soon, I'm sorry you can't come, because we celebrate in Paris." Such responses will not offend you another time and show your sharp mind.

Loved ones

But loved ones can trust. Mom, sister, grandma – they will ask this question casually. They can help find a way out of a difficult situation, and you better listen. Noticing that you have a sad mood or bad mood, they will first think you are going wrong in personal relationships. If all goes well, we hurry to calm them down, saying that you are all well and worrying is not worth it. Thank you for the support.
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