You will need
  • machine / dryer;
  • - tennis balls.
The most effective and least time-consuming way to beat a down jacket in the dryer, loading it up a few extra tennis balls. If there are no goals, find something comparable in size and weight, such as baby cubes. The balls help fluff the down in the cells, not to give it a matted in clumps.
Select the gentle drying mode with a low temperature, if the down jacket just Packed or after washing is already dry. If the jacket is wet, dry it first in standard mode. If desired effect is not achieved, the procedure can be repeated, preferably in a sparing mode.
If there is no drying machine, use the usual washing machine. Beat down in the spin mode. Put the car in low revs, load all the same tennis balls and press for a long time, in several passes, until you achieve the desired result.
Jacket can beat, and hands, but it's pretty time-consuming process. Each cell beat apart, carefully spreading clumps of fluff. As drying periodically beat the entire jacket as a pillow. With proper patience and care you can bring down in the original form.
By the way, in order to fluff the down jacket was not Packed, you can and in the wash load in the washing machine tennis balls, and then leave them for the time-pressed. The procedure of extraction at low revs can be repeated 3-4 times, then dry the jacket in the room, not posting on a balcony or on the street, occasionally shaking it to keep the down evenly distributed. After drying again, repeat the procedure pressing with the balls to enhance the effect.