Little children themselves are willing to say what they wanted to be when I grow up. Often among the professions included doctors, teachers, astronauts, policemen. It happens so because the choice of specialties known to the child, a small. Expand your horizons kid, tell him about the existing professions. If possible, bring him to visit friends in the factory, in the lab, in the jewelry shop so he could see how to work people. And then you don't have to guess who wants to be your child, it will inform you about this.
Please note which games your child prefers. Plush toys usually choose future humanitarians, journalists, linguists, social workers. Playing with toy soldiers people with leadership abilities, as to command even a toy army is not easy. Collect designer prefer people with a logical mind – future mathematicians, programmers, system administrators. Well, if the kid among all the toys chooses dinosaurs, most likely, among his interests will appear on the natural Sciences.
In Korea there is a tradition to determine the fate of the child when he is a year. On a low table lay a variety of items, signifying profession – brush, spool of thread, a toy sword, a book. Modern Koreans also can put a laptop, a stethoscope, a microphone. Then allow the child to come to the table and to take one item. If the kid grabbed the brush will become a writer, thread, a tailor, a toy sword a brave soldier, a book – scientist. The child who chose the laptop to be programmer, stethoscope – doctor, and the microphone – a popular singer.
If your child can't define the profession, guide them with simple test. Ask him to draw a perfect from his point of view of the person. How this person looks, where he lives, what does? Look closely at the picture carefully, because the kid drew his ideal self. Now you know what direction you need to help develop your child.