You will need
    • carcass catfish
    • salt
    • carrots
    • bow
    • celery
    • parsley
    • pepper
    • Bay leaf
First prepare everything you need for butchering and cooking catfish. Take a cutting Board, knife, saucepan, you need to prepare the condiments.
The catfish has no scales, which undoubtedly is its main advantage. Also she's missing the bone between the muscles. So just lightly scrape the knife over the skin, without peeling it.
Now have som parts. To do this in the place where the pectoral fins, separate the head. Then from the mouth to the anal fin make a longitudinal incision, with no damage the gall bladder. Otherwise, the bubble will spread, and the meat will be bitter and tasteless.
Next, remove the belly the insides and clean the inner walls of the film. To remove a dorsal and ventral fin, it is necessary to make the incision along each fin, both sides of the spine.
Then the fingers rip out of the body fin. But it is suitable only for small catfish. If you cook large soma size, first gut it, then chop with an axe into pieces, which will then be much easier to carve on.
For the broth, peel and chop the carrots, onions, celery and parsley. Carrots and onions cut into rings.
Take a saucepan and type of water into it. But remember that with a large number of water quality cooked fish deteriorates. Put on the stove and light it. Throw in the water about one teaspoon of salt. Add the sliced onions, carrots, parsley and celery. Throw in the broth with black polka dots and Bay leaf.
Then gently in the broth put the fish pieces and boil for fifteen minutes. Cooking catfish in a strong boiling is not recommended. During cooking, the water should be slightly moving, which is typical for the beginning of the boil.
The finished dish garnish with greens and add a small amount of olive oil for flavor.