First, carefully look at the page guy. Start discovering only in the case if you are looking. Pay attention to the music he listens to, on videos that he adds, and, of course, his photographs. If you are not sure that you want to chat with this person, you better not send him a message. If he didn't like you before Dating, it is likely that after discovering it at all will disappoint you.
If the page of the guy you all like, feel free to send a message. Of course, it is worth to think in advance. Find a common topic of conversation. For example, he listens to the same music as you. Write to him that you also like this band (performer). Ask the question, what his favorite song or why he likes this direction.
If he's on the page is loaded the movies, ask him what he would recommend you. You have to write a message, which the guy guaranteed response. And to make it easier by using the question. Moreover, it should not be banal. Should not interested in how he's going or what he was doing. To such questions many people simply do not react.
If you can't find common Hobbies, find something in his pictures, as you can ask interesting and unusual questions. If it is on the pictures in a beautiful t-shirt, you can ask him where he acquired that. Just remember to clarify that you are interested in for your brother or father, for example. Otherwise he might think that the information needed for your guy.
You can start a conversation with a joke. But this only if on the page the guy has a funny or amusing information. If not, then not worth the risk. There is a possibility that on your way met a man who doesn't understand humor. And then your message will remain unanswered.