You will need
  • - clothespins;
  • - Hairdryer
  • - iron
  • - the oven.
If you are limited in time, give the jeans to dry naturally. The best way is to hang them outdoors for the belt clothespins. Just before it is best to turn the jeans inside out so the outer side is longer retained its rich color and not dirty. Not being able to hang them outside, hang around the house working battery or any other warm place.
During washing in the washing machine, use easy Ironing and pressing at a large number of turns. Since denim is a fairly dense material, it will not cause any harm pants, and besides, squeeze all the excess water, which will reduce the time of drying.
When jeans need to be dry very quickly, use an oven. Turn on the oven, open the door and hang it on her pants. Periodically turn them. Of course, the oven must be very clean and not to give the smell of baked food. Not to get burnt pants, not place them too close to the fire.
Use a hair dryer. Turn the hot on air cooling at full capacity and slow spending on one piece until then, until it is draining. This method is easier to use if you want to dry some of the clothes, and not all of it. Otherwise, time for it to spend a lot, and the hand can get tired.
Iron the jeans damp with a warm iron. The temperature should be just warm, not hot, not to leave white marks. First, slide the iron with one hand several times, then on the other. Do this as long as the pants do not become dry. Jeans is very wet before Ironing a little dry on the street or using the oven. Do not iron delicate the Jesse stretch, otherwise they may be a little stretch under the action of temperature. For more efficient drying, the steam from the iron you want to disable.