Make a request to postpone the hearing, specifying the name of the court, the name and contact details of the plaintiff and defendant, and case number. In the text clearly state the circumstances in which the hearing should be rescheduled for another day. Article 169 of the Civil procedure code of the Russian Federation establishes, in some cases, allowed the adjournment of the proceedings in the case.
The hearing will be delayed if you claim the counter claim. In their study of the court and the persons participating in business, requires time, which in the current court session, as a rule, is not enough. The court will appoint new date of the hearing. The persons present at the meeting, will be familiar with this under the bill, and those who did not appear in court, will notify in the manner prescribed by law.
The need for submission or request for additional evidence is also the reason for the deposition hearing. Prepare the request for the taking of evidence, clearly specifying what the circumstances or the facts of the present evidence can confirm. If necessary, we can bring witnesses, confirming the necessity and importance of the evidence to which you refer.
In the cases established by law, the hearing may be postponed because of absence of any of the participants in the process. If you are a member, apply to the application for adjournment is a document which confirms that the reason for your absence is valid. This may be a doctor's note, copy of travel documents, copy of plane ticket (train, intercity bus trip), and so on.
The necessity of attraction to participation in business of other entities is also a legitimate reason to postpone the court session. You need to prove to the court that the decision in the case, directly affects the rights and interests of those whom you want to enter into the process. The proceedings during his deposition starts over again.