You will need
  • - ammonia;
  • - rubbing alcohol;
  • - gauze or linen cloth;
  • - cloth brush with natural bristles;
  • - turpentine or kerosene;
  • - drinking soda.
Make a mixture of ammonia (1 teaspoon), rubbing alcohol (1 tsp) and water (1 Cup). Stir well and moisten it with a makeup brush for clothes. This brush thoroughly treat the contaminated area, and then iron the pants using a linen cloth with a hot iron until all the moisture evaporates. Then hang them on the hanger, leaving dessiatina in the fresh air.
In those places where the pants are experiencing the most friction, the fabric can begin to Shine, that spoils all impression. Such places can be cleaned with a cloth soaked in pure rubbing alcohol, and then with another rag soaked already in a solution of 1 part ammonia and 5 parts of boiled cold water. Iron the shiny place (or places) with a hot iron through a blotting paper or gauze.
Remove the finish by wiping pants made from 1 part water and 3 parts of acetic acid solution.
To facilitate removal of stains, get rid of them as soon as noticed. Fresh stains are always removed easier than old. First with the pants clean off all the dust with a clothes brush with stiff bristles. Then try the cleaner only in an inconspicuous piece of the pants, from the inside. If nothing bad happens, begin to have to clean off the very spot, again, with a brush, using the cleaning agent and moving from the edges of the stain toward the middle.
If you put on pants stain paint oil-based, take kerosene or turpentine, soak in it a cotton swab, and then gently begin treating the stain from the edges and towards the middle. However, such a stain easy to wash, so you will need additional measures, use ammonia or a solution of ordinary baking soda, processing pollution, until it disappears.
You can accidentally pick up on your pants with chewing gum. This happens particularly often in public transport, sometimes on Park benches or at bus stops of transport. The pants throw it is not necessary to cut the place with chewing gum, then stick the patch also not worth it.
The easiest way to freeze the gum. To do this, put in a couple of hours the pants in the freezer of the refrigerator. Then remove the rubber band and try to scrape the blunt side of a knife, for example. It'll crumble and stick to pants will not be like this.