A new form bill of lading contains a commodity section and looks different than usual for accountants shipping. It is issued for one or several shipments by the number of vehicles involved in transportation, that is, for each car.
Form bill of lading is made in such a way that should be completed by all participants of cargo transportation. But originally she writes is still a shipper.
Specify the date and application number the shipping. Enter the full name and address of your company as a shipper, surname, name, patronymic and contact phone number of the employee responsible for the transportation. Complete the same data to the consignee.
Then write the name of the cargo, its status, number of pieces, labeling, packaging and type of packaging, weight of packages and their dimensions (height, length, width), the volume in cubic meters. Please note that the price and value of items in the new invoice are not reflected. In the presence of certificates, quality certificates and other mandatory documents mark out in the section "Supporting documents".
Further, in paragraph "Instructions to shipper" describe the parameters of the vehicle necessary for transportation of freight (payload, type, model, capacity, etc.), sanitation, quarantine, customs requirements, recommendations on the temperature regime of transportation, deadlines of delivery, information about locking and sealing devices. Specify the declared value of the goods.
In the section "Receive shipment" and "Delivery" indicate the planned date and time of submission of vehicles ' loading and unloading. Fix the actual date and time of arrival of the vehicle.
The items of the invoice on the conditions of transport, carrier, vehicle, reservations and observations of other conditions, the cost of services and procedure of charging completed by the carrier.
Print a bill of lading in 3 copies for each party: shipper, carrier and consignee. Sign the delivery note at the head of your company or employee entrusted with the right to sign financial and economic documents, put the date of the statement and printing company.