Remember that if your monitor works with a refresh rate of 100 Hertz, the sync is almost no effect on the transmission quality of the image. The only obvious plus is the reduced load on the video card.
Install the latest driver package for your graphics card. Download the installation files to perform better from the developer's site this device. Given the fact that most graphics cards produces only two companies to find a suitable will be easy.
After installing the application, restart the computer. Click the right mouse button on a free area of the desktop. Open the application menu "control Panel Nvidia" or ATI Control Center.
Select the category "Games" or scroll to the item "Manage 3D settings". Expand "Global settings". Deactivate the option "Vertical sync", ticking the respective item. Sometimes this option may be called "Wait for vertical refresh".
It is important to understand that disabling synchronization may have a negative impact on the quality of the graphics in other programs and games. If the set supports configuration parameters for each application, use it.
Select the. exe file, and disable vertical sync for this program. In the menu "Global settings" enable the described option.
Old version of drivers for video cards Radeon firms do not support the specified function. When this problem occurs, select "Off, unless application". This will allow the video card to automatically enable or disable synchronization when you run certain programs.
After making changes in settings of the video card, restart the computer. Can launch the app and verify that the video card is working correctly.