The company "Yandex", including the project Yandex.Money cannot return the sent funds. So you need to look very carefully "to" field when sending funds to the right account. The only thing that can keep you safe from theft of money – it is common sense.
But besides that, Yandex developers suggest to use the protection code. This is a special four digit code that you must type the recipient to accept the funds sent to him. If the term of payment has expired or the recipient has incorrectly entered security code more than three times, sent the funds back to your account. The validity of the payment transaction set by the sender. It varies from one day to one year, and the minimum amount by which it is possible to impose a security code, and is 30 rubles. This service is free, and no Commission if you transfer with a protection code is not charged. If you do not have time to write code, it is always possible to see the details of the payment that is in the transaction history.
If you accidentally sent to the wrong account , the money, the only way of repayment is a relationship with a man who by mistake they came. View payment details. Make a request to tech support Yandex, putting the letter in the problem and all the data (date, true and incorrect recipient). It is likely that the technical support will give you any data to communicate with the person who received your money.