You will need
  • Computer, Internet, program "Mail.Ru Agent."
To log in to your account the Agent uses the username and password you entered when you first connect. By default it stores them encrypted on your computer and does not require their input. Therefore, in order to put a password when running "Agent", you need to disable the save account settings.
To go to the settings of "Agent", press "Menu" and select "account settings". Or click on the little icon with a hammer, which is located in the upper right corner of the dialogue with the interlocutor, and go to the tab "Account".
Click on the blue pencil located next to the desired account. In the opened window, uncheck the "Save password" and click "OK". When you next start "Mail.Ru Agent" displays a window with password prompt.
To re-enable automatic sign-in to your account, just put in the password window a tick "Save password".
To require a password for the new account or when you first start the "Agent", uncheck "Save password" located in the login window.
Despite the set login password in "Agent", you still can get your contact list using the "Web Agent", working on pages of the services "". You can turn it off in order to better control access to your account.
Go to "Mail" and click the "More" button located in the top horizontal menu. Select "Settings" from the list that appears and click "Interface mailbox" on the settings page.
Remove the tick from "Display on the pages Email Web Agent". Click "Save changes" and "Web Agent" will cease to appear on the pages ""