There are several types of terminals, but the principle of their use is similar. For payment in cash, select the terminal menu item "Payment for services", the screen refreshes, click on the "Fines, state duties". Select from the options the type of penalty that is appropriate in your case (e.g., traffic fines), by clicking on the appropriate button.
Read the terms and conditions of payment of the fine through the terminal, you will notified what amount of fee is charged for the operation and click on the "next" button. Using the virtual keyboard, enter the number of the decision on the basis of which want to make the payment, the date of its issuance, and other details. Clicking on the "Forward" button, fill in all the fields which sequentially appear on the screen – last name, first name, patronymic, registration address and so on.
Specify in the appropriate field the amount of the fine, the self-catering unit for a few seconds, will calculate and display the amount you will need to take into account the accrued commissions. Insert appropriate denomination of the banknote in the banknote validator. Remember that the terminal does not give change. Get a receipt, confirming the transaction using the self-service machine.
It is also possible to pay fines, in particular, the traffic police with the help of Bank cards. For the payment of a fine through the terminal of the savings Bank, insert your card into the self-service device, enter the PIN code, select the menu item "Payment of administrative fines." From the list select the desired unit of the police (this information is in the decree). Next, select a series of decisions and enter his room. Specify the fine amount and click "Pay". Take your card and receipt confirming the transaction.
Around the same principle can be used to pay fines, not even leaving behind computer, using a virtual terminal. Transactions can be performed in a private office of the Bank, writing off money from the card. Also paying fines are possible from a cell phone bill, for example, when using "Easy payment" at the operator of cellular communication of MTS.