Think about where you want to rest: in Russia or abroad. In the second case, you again have to make a choice: whether it is the territory of the CIS (for example, Crimea), or abroad. In this case, you will need a passport.
Suppose you decide to relax on the South sea, without leaving Russia. Then the choice is limited: either the sea of Azov or the Black sea coast (Krasnodar region). Rest on the Azov sea coast has the following advantages: sea is very shallow, so it's better warmed up. The water is always warmer than in the Black sea. And the prices for accommodation in hotels, as well as in the private sector is lower than in the Krasnodar region. Minus: the nature of the Azov coast is very meagre, monotonous, lush beauty of the South you will not see. The black sea coast is much prettier, but the level of prices, unfortunately, do not always correspond to the service.
In any case try to find economical vacation. It is better to negotiate directly with the owner of private property or a landlord that rent rooms to vacationers. Do not resort to services of all kinds of intermediaries, because in this case the cost of the holiday will increase. Information about how much are the various options for rental housing in a given community can be found online or by talking to the people that already rested there.
If you're really strapped for cash, look for the cheapest option housing type - detached house with a toilet and shower in the yard. Remember that the farther from the sea the house is located, the lower the prices.
In that case, if you want a cheap vacation, you should opt for Turkey. But better to go there not during the summer when very hot, and very high prices for tickets, and at the end of the beach season in October. Water in the Mediterranean sea (near Antalya – Kemer – Alanya) this time of year is still very warm, and prices are much lower.
Select a hotel of economy class. Lush nature, good service, plenty of fruits, free entry (the visa is issued directly at the airport of arrival, free of charge) - what else is needed for a good rest? Moreover, if you manage to buy "the burning" tour, the rest will be really cheap.