To pay for goods and services by card is very simple. Arriving at the store, make sure it accepts Bank cards, usually on the doors of such shops are placing the logos of Visa and Master Card. Select the desired purchase and give the seller the card. He inserts it in the POS-terminal is a special device for reading data from the card. The terminal will contact the Bank and check whether your account have the required amount.
If the required amount is, the purchase process is close to completion. The seller will ask you to sign the receipt and will compare your signature with the signature on the card. In addition, he usually looks at the last four digits of the card number on the receipt – they should be the same as those on the map. This prevents fraudulent use of stolen credit card data. If everything is in order, the payment process is completed, the seller will return your card. The entire procedure usually takes about one to two minutes.
When you pay for goods and services online you need to enter in the form field of the required seller data, usually name and surname of the owner, the card number, the expiration date of the validity period, and CVV code – the last three or four digits on back of your card. These figures, unlike the card number is not embossed on its surface. If all data are entered correctly and your account is the correct amount, the payment will be made.
The main problem when you pay for goods and services card is a risk to face the fraud, so always follow safety rules. First of all, don't call the PIN code of your card. Some stores require you to enter when you purchase, in this case, the set cover the keyboard with your hand, and is better to look for another store. In stores that do not require entering the PIN code, the POS terminal has no keyboard to enter numbers.
Never let the salesperson to take your card, it should always be in your field of vision. If you pay by card in a restaurant, ask to bring the card reader (portable reading device), but don't let the waiter leave with a map. Unfair to the seller just a few seconds to read your card information using a skimmer is a compact device the size of a cigarette pack. Then according your card can be made online payments – of course, at your expense.