Login to your personal account on the website provider. Usually the username and password issued to you at the conclusion of the service contract or you have to register on the portal independently. In the personal account reflects the balance of your account, and you can understand what amount should be replenished. In some cases, you will be able to make a promised payment, for example, if you cannot attend any of the provider's office or other place where they take the payments.
Learn the principle of removing the Board, which practices your provider. For example, unlimited online money from your account may be charged monthly or daily. In the first case, for the Internet to work you will have to pay the required amount prior to the first day of each month, and the second situation - to pay online or directly forward, or small parts, for example, a few days of use. Also at the same time specify whether you to withdraw money when the Internet is blocked due to negative balance. If so, it would be advantageous to block the channel in case you are some time are not going to use it.
When using the Internet charges for downloading information, keep account for some amount of money. This is necessary because you may not always know exactly how much information you have loaded.
Contact the provider's office. In any case, take your passport with you, although the account balance to you in most cases will be able to name at the mention of your name and address. On site you will be able to make the necessary amount. The operator will be able to tell you when to make the next payment that you have not blocked the Internet.
Verify the account balance using machines fast payments. This service does not provide all the providers. Note that for this you will need a contract number with the company connection or a number of your personal account in the system calculations.