You will need
  • - the account number which is tied to a savings account;
  • - details of the branch of Sberbank of Russia, which opened the savings account;
  • - the account balance to cover the transfer amount and the fee for Bank services, if available.
Log in to online banking credit institution from the account where you want to do the translation.
Select the option transfer to a third-party Bank. If you use Internet banking of Sberbank of Russia need the option to transfer to another customer of the savings Bank, if you transfer money to another Bank account or between your own accounts, if on their own.
Specify the transfer amount and, if not fill up your passbook, surname, name and patronymic of the beneficiary for transfers within Sberbank
Enter the details of the right branch of the savings Bank, if you transfer from another credit institution. In the Bank's name must indicate the number of branches that is open to replenish your savings account. From other fields often enough to populate only the BIC. But just in case, keep the full data and, if necessary, fill in all the fields. The field for the purpose of payment fill in at their discretion depending on the situation. Try not to specify commercial purpose. The best option is to write that transfer their own funds.
Ask for help from the teller of his Bank, if for some reason can't or don't want to use Internet banking. Tell him about wanting to make a Bank transfer, transfer amount and transfer details, account number and surname, name and patronymic of the recipient.