You will need
  • - details of the parties involved to cancel the additional agreement;
  • - output cancel additional agreement;
  • computer;
  • printer;
  • paper;
  • - fountain pen;
  • print.
Start drafting the text of a supplementary agreement to assigning sequence numbers. It should be the following after the last agreement to the existing contract. So, if you previously signed three additional agreements, the current must be number four. Specify the date and place of signing the agreement. The title and document number are placed in the top row in the center. Place of signature - the left side of the next line, the date in the format day, month, year the right.
Make the preamble in accordance with the text of the cancel agreement, if the title of the parties is or is not changed previously. If changed, specify the current name. The preamble should contain the names of the parties, their representatives, the names of the documents confirming their powers (the Charter of the enterprise, power of attorney, the certificate on state registration of an entrepreneur or otherwise), and the name of each party to the document in the future (for example, the customer and the Contractor).
In the section on the subject of the additional agreement, which must be the first after the preamble, specify the output cancelable agreement, the fact of repeal and the date from which the change comes into force from the moment of signing or another. The period you can devote a special section.
Don't forget to include that additional agreement is an integral part of the contract, which is enclosed (specify output) compiled in the number of copies by the number of parties each having equal legal force. All of this can be included in the final provisions.
In the next section provide addresses and requisites of the parties - as well as in the Treaty and the previously concluded agreements. Provide a place for stamps and signatures of the parties: specify that each signatory acts for and on behalf of the party concerned, if necessary - the position of the signature.
Sign and seal (the latter is not applicable to individuals and businesses with no print) and offer to do it for all parties involved in the agreement.