You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - access to client-Bank.
Log in to the system Bank-client. Often it is necessary to enter login and password, and use the ID, usually located on an external drive - flash drive or CD. This key is usually generated on the Bank's website when you first log into the system or given to the client in the office of the credit institution after his appeal about the connection to the system.
Open the order list. This files most often on the start page of the Bank-client needs to click the link leading to the list of documents, and then to payment orders. In some cases the page with the list of documents maintains a direct link with the one that opens when you successfully log-in.
Select the one you want to withdraw and click on it with the mouse or open a document method defined in the interface of your Bank. A common option is to select the desired payment system by putting click the checkbox next to the desired document, and then in the menu of the payment click the appropriate command, for example opening the bills or work with it (the name of the different options possible).
Open the menu and click on review document (the name of this option in different banks may vary). After that you will open a separate menu or a new page - for example, for drawing up cover letters to the Bank.
Fill, if necessary, a cover letter (most likely, make it to be required) specify the reason for revocation of the payment: for example, the document incorrectly stated the amount or purpose of payment. If you do not complete a cover letter, the document likely will not be able to be transferred to the Bank processing.
Complete and save the query by clicking on the appropriate button.
Navigate using commands provided by the system interface, in the query list. Most often it is a separate link from the General section for documents (on a level or more above the list pages payment orders). In some cases, to the requests of the clients can play direct links from other sections.
Select the freshly you request cancellation of a payment order by ticking on the appropriate box, or otherwise depending on the specific interface of the system.
Give the command to sign the request and transmit it to the processing Bank.
Check change of status withdrawn bills. If necessary, find out the cause of a failure in processing the request. If it's the mistakes you make mistakes, correct them (it may be necessary to open the query and to enable the editing or to repeat from the beginning work to review the bills), create a query and pass it for processing again. In case of difficulty, ask for help in the Bank.