Please consult your doctor. This can be a narrow specialist or therapist. If you are unable to visit the clinic for health reasons, call the doctor at home. He will examine you and if necessary will appoint additional visiting specialists, as well as analyses and other research.
If the doctor deems your condition to the respective one of the groups of disability, will receive a referral for medical and social assessment (ITU). Check with your clinic, where this expertise is in your area. Before the study, complete the questionnaire which you will be given staff expertise. The ITU will consist of medical examinations and the presentation of your documents, for example, the medical records from the hospital or clinic. For serious conditions limiting mobility, the ITU can be performed at home, in hospital or in a nursing home.
At the end of the examination will receive a certificate of appointment of group disability and individual program of rehabilitation. If the Commission refuses to grant status of a disabled person or give a group which, in your opinion, does not match the state of your health, you may appeal this decision within one month by sending the application in the main office of the ITU.
Contact with help from the ITU to the Pension Fund at the place of residence. He will review your situation and assign you a disability status. You will be able to obtain the appropriate license, as well as a supplementary pension. However, if you do, you will be able to continue to do it - neither the labour nor the size of the disability pension, this fact does not affect. For example, for many diseases in the third or even the second group of disability the person retains a partial capacity for work that even has different regulations.