You will need
  • - scales;
  • - the goods;
  • - the packaging.
If you need to determine the weight, keep in mind that there is still the concept paunetto. It belongs to the product with the packaging that it is impossible to separate, for example, cream in a tube, canned in a jar, cereal in a box, etc.
In some countries, including in Russia, for the calculation of customs duties on the goods with primary packaging in which the product gets into the hands of consumers, weight paunetto is considered the net weight. That is, the customs service shall weight the total weight of goods and interior packing, for example, most toothpaste and a tube, which she sealed. Keep in mind this caveat when calculating customs duties.
Keep in mind that to determine the net weight in the supply of goods to the store required only for the weight of the goods. For piece goods the price of the product is installed taking into account the cost and the weight of the package. Check the weight in accordance with established standards, specifications or specified in other rules established for each specific case. Open the container and check the tare weight and the net weight of the goods.
If it is not possible to weigh goods in bulk, you should fix the gross mass. As soon as Tara released immediately weigh it.
Subtract the first from the measured gross weight the actual weight of the empty container. This will be the net weight. To these figures were considered reliable not only for you personally, please fill out both the weighing result properly drafted acts.
Do not define a weight according to accompanying documents to the goods, even if they are registered the data on the gross weight and the tare weight. These figures may be unreliable.
Use the electronic scale with the function of subtracting the tare from the total weight. Weigh the container, lock the number, then weigh the container with the cargo. The scale will automatically deduct the tare and calculate the net weight.