You will need
  • A large towel, sheet, baptismal shirt, hat or kerchief for girls, briefs or disposable diapers, socks.
If the christening is held in the warm time of the year, problems with clothes for toddler should arise. You can wear a cotton suit boy or light dress girl, do not forget about the scarf or a hat. It is very important to choose clothes with simple clasps or even without them, because in the course of the christening will need to promptly remove clothing from the child. If he is very young, prepare the diaper, to put it on a special table for changing clothes. A large part of the ceremony holds a baby naked or in a diaper.
If a child is going to baptize in the winter, you need to prepare warm, easy to unbutton the suit, made of cotton or wool socks and a cap. Clothing is removed at the beginning of the christening, and before lowering into the font the child spends time in the hands of one of the godparents naked. He can put on socks and wrap in a warm towel or blanket.
After bathing the child should quickly be wiped away, and the father will clothe him in a shirt prepared in advance of the baptismal set — as a rule, it includes a sheet, baptismal shirt and cap. You can choose a set by yourself or to entrust this responsibility on the shoulders of one of the godparents. Socks christening sets usually are not included. Also don't forget to prepare in advance baptismal towel and grab a few diapers and two or three of the disposable diaper.