Lessons with a vocal coach is one of the easiest ways to learn to sing in different styles, including rock. The teacher will teach you to breathe correctly, will supply the voice, and how fruitful are these works – directly from you. However, do not always have the opportunity to take singing lessons from a teacher.
To sing rock can be learned independently. Easiest to do this by the method of imitation. Choose one artist you most impressed with the manner of singing. As breathing technique in men and women various men breathe stomach, and female breast, the artist from whom you are going to study, it is recommended to choose the same sex. If you have a low voice, and the object of imitation choose with similar timbre and Vice versa, so at the first stage it will be easier to make a lesson.
A few times, please listen carefully to the song of the selected artist. Please note which aspects of music account for the rise and fall of the voice, pause, and try to capture the tone and mood of the performer. It is good to remember the text.
Once the first stage is passed, go directly to the singing. Turn on the audio recording of the musician and start singing the song with him. It is important to sing loudly, widely opening the mouth, otherwise you will not hear your real voice. As soon as you think that's a good result, and your voice blends with the voice of the person to whom you imitate, then proceed to the next stage.
Connect the microphone to the speaker and turn on the audio, your chosen for training. Remember that a microphone amplifies the voice, so do not be afraid of what you sing too loud. Adjust the volume of the reproduced audio so that your voice doesn't drown out the music and words of the performer. First you need to learn to sing a duet.
The next step is solo singing. For musical accompaniment use the minus one recordings, which you trained. Best of all, if it is instrumental, as for rock acts is characteristic of live singing.
Once you will be satisfied with your results, invite to your statement of independent experts. It can be humans even without musical education, but just your close friends or relatives. The main thing to them you don't feel awkward, or to sing at full strength will not work. After sing the song cell, ask the trainees to put you an estimate of advance warning that you want to hear the truth from them and not get upset if they tell you that your singing did not like them. Based on feedback from audience, draw conclusions and continue vocal training.