Go to the official website of the operator "Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)" and click on the line link "Entrance to personal Cabinet". On the login page, enter in the appropriate fields username and password. If you were previously registered in the system or have forgotten your password, enter in the field "Login" your phone number and click on the line link "Get password". You will receive an email with your new password.
In personal Cabinet, make the active tab "MTS Bonus". If you already participate in the bonus program, the statistics will be available immediately. If not – sign up in the program by completing the provided form. In the left part of the window in the block with statistics tap on the link "Donate points". Opens a new dialog box "Give bonus points to their relatives".
In the first field, enter the phone number of the subscriber you want to transfer some of the accumulated points, in the second field, specify the number of rows of bonuses. Mark with a marker the box confirming that you have read the terms of the promotion and click "Next". Verify all the information provided and confirm the action button "Donate". Bonuses will be deducted from your account .
On the recipient's phone number will receive a message-alert that the subscriber XX (number in phone) wants to give XX number of points. To obtain these points the target subscriber needs to send SMS to the specified phone message consent to the acceptance points.
Also give bonuses to MTS , you can use your cell phone. Send to the short number 4555 message with the text "Gift [space] phone number [space] number of points". The phone number can be specified in one of the formats: 9ХХХХХХХХХ or +79ХХХХХХХХХ or 89ХХХХХХХХХ or 79ХХХХХХХХХ. Also Semo English Gift you can enter the Russian word for "Gift."