To return to the full fare on routes to intercity and suburbs, minus the pre-sale, reservation and Commission collection, the passenger needs return a ticket at the bus station ticket office no later than two hours before the bus departure. If you want to cancel your ticket less than two hours, but more than 15 minutes before departure, you paid only 85% of the ticket price and the amount of fees will not be refunded.
If you missed the bus or couldn't go due to an accident or sickness, then within 3 days from the date of departure have the right to renew an expired ticket on the next flight the direction or route, paying the 25% of its value. In addition to this you can cancel the trip and receive a refund in the form of 75% of the price of the ticket, but the booking and the Commission in this case, you will not be reimbursed.
To return money for the ticket in full, even with the Commission fees is possible only in some cases. This happens when the cancellation or departure of the bus is late, or if the passenger does not provide specified in the ticket for the seat. The cost of the ticket should be returned if you have provided a place in the bus, and the ticket was sold at the buses with soft folding seats. If the movement of the bus was discontinued in the event of a breakdown or other reason not the fault of the passenger, the ticket price should be refunded, except for the part of the path, which has already passed. As for international flights, here are the rules for the reissuance and refund of tickets depend on the conditions imposed by each specific carrier. Full ticket price must be returned, including the fee, booking and baggage, if the trip didn't take place because of the transport organization.