If you are interested in obtaining a land plot whose owner died and the heirs do not want or are unable to renew it in your property, try to find them. Seek information in the information system in the Department or departments of architecture municipal authorities, cadastral chamber, state registration authorities.
Ask the heirs to enter into the inheritance. As a rule, their consent to it you get – people just don't want to waste time and energy on making the land, which they did not need. In this case, invite the heirs to obtain a power of attorney for you so that you are self issued, the right to inheritance and abandoned land, acting on their behalf.
Enclose with the heirs of the preliminary contract of sale, which specify them and your rights and responsibilities. This precaution is not superfluous, since it is likely that after registration and the registration value of the land will increase dramatically, and the heirs can opt out of prior oral agreements. To be sure that the preliminary agreement will not remain a simple piece of paper and that it is designed properly, assure him of a notary. It is better to consult the notary, to the territorial jurisdiction of which will be the matter of inheritance.
Most likely, since the heirs do not designed the site, since joining the legacy after more than six months. But the notary has the right even in this case, to issue a certificate of inheritance. The reason for this is that the area during this time was used for the purpose. In case of refusal to issue a certificate to go to court.
Write a statement on behalf of the heirs with a request to restore the right of inheritance of the land. Usually in the case when the site is abandoned and no claim, the court adopts a positive decision. The certificate of inheritance you will receive the court decision.
Acting under certificate of inheritance and documents on the land register the right of ownership of the heirs of the land, and simultaneously with it the contract of purchase-sale and transfer of ownership to you. When you act in trust, to sell the land to yourself you can't, so the contract of purchase and sale have to put the name of your next of kin.