Select a school that will pass your child. Focus not only on its proximity to home, but also on the opportunities provided by the school. For example, in many schools it is possible to study not one, but two foreign languages. There are schools with profound studying of natural Sciences, as well as objects to another profile. For example, for children wishing to devote himself to music, open special schools colleges, in which you can combine access to General secondary and secondary vocational education. Note that a program of old and new schools should be nearly the same. The child is difficult to move from the eighth grade of regular school in a school where the 5th grade learning two foreign languages.
Consider the position of the selected schools in various rankings. For example, they are developed for the Moscow schools on the exam. So you can find the best school for a child.
Visit the selected school. Find out if there is a place for your child. Staying on the school site, for example, if you have moved, will be for you an advantage for admission. You can also take a child to see the new school across town and thought, if he wants to study there. In some situations, even the atmosphere of any educational institution may seem repulsive. In this case it makes sense to look for another school.
Take the documents and information about the progress of the old school. This is best done in may-June, after the end of the school year. Then submit the paper to a new school.
Prepare the child to change schools. Explain that in a new place he can find friends. Encourage your child to join any interest group at the school. With classmates and students from parallel groups would be easier to build a friendly relationship in an informal setting. Besides, in a circle, the probability to meet someone with common interests.