In many cases, the involvement of the indebted client to civil liability in the form of fines, penalties and different penalties from the Bank illegally. Most have fallen into difficult life situation simply does not know how to defend their rights. Not being able to make another payment, the client of the credit institution falls into the trap of penalties that increase as the debt snowball. If it is a mortgage over the debtor looms a real danger to lose the apartment, which is pledged. There are no hopeless situations. Need to file a claim on the Bank.
The basis of filing a lawsuit in the mentioned case needs to be objective reasons which do not allow at the moment to pay off the debts. In this case, a Bank customer must first contact the Bank with the restructuring of the loan. It should be done before you need to make regular payments. The loan officer will have to prove that you have a temporary difficulties, you will soon decide. Most banks are going to meet the customer and can give a delay up to 4 months, is not charged during this time fines. Be sure to write the statement, leaving all copies certified by the office.
Find out the conditions of pretrial settlement. In the loan agreement, they must be prescribed. Before going to court you must go through this stage mandatory. If the Bank does not agree to restructure the debt, you will have the proof that you wanted to negotiate.
If it is impossible to come to consensus is either wait for a claim from the Bank, or go to court yourself. In the second case the application is made at the place of the Treaty jurisdiction that is specified in the loan agreement. Most often it is the legal address of the Bank branch. However, according to the "Law on the protection of consumer rights", a person may sue at the place of residence.
Independently it is very difficult to make a claim without knowledge of the appropriate articles of the law. If the issue price is large, it makes sense to hire a depressant is a lawyer who specializiruetsya to work on overdue loans. He will make a statement and will negotiate with collectors and the Bank will represent you in court. At least, which you will be able to achieve is deferred at the time of enforcement proceedings, as well as reducing the fines to a reasonable numbers; maximum withdrawal of arrest from the mortgaged property, debt restructuring, drafting a new schedule of payments suspended for a few months.