According to the already mentioned 26 article, the organization of the call, including the spring, can be arranged in a special way, i.e. consists of several stages. Citizens not residing in the reserve, must be a first for a medical examination, and then to the meeting of the draft Board. In addition, the call includes the attendance to the time and place specified in the summons, to send to the place of passage of future service. The entire call is available through the military commissariats and their structural units, and is already draft boards. They are created in the urban districts, municipal districts and intracity territories of cities of Federal significance.
For all events that are associated with the call to service, a citizen is called a summons from the military Commissariat. The document is only a receipt. Presents the agenda employee of the Commissariat at the place of registration or citizen, or study (work). The summons always specify the possible legal consequences of its failure to set out their requirements. If a citizen did not appear at events related to military conscription, without good reason, he will be considered to be evading service in the army. For this he was prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.
Exempt from the call to service may be only those persons who are deemed partially fit or no fit state of health; those that pass or have already passed military service in Russia or any other state. They also include citizens that have passed alternative civil service. A full list of those who are entitled to exemption from conscription, it is possible to read in article 23.
The recruit can also be granted a deferment if it is recognized temporarily unfit for military service (for up to a year for health reasons), occupied the constant care of his wife, anyone from parents, brothers, sisters, grandfathers or grandmothers. Moreover, there must be no other persons obliged to contain the data of citizens. The postponement applies in the case of guardianship or guardianship of minor sister/brother. If a citizen has a disabled child under the age of three years; two or more children; has child, but raising him without a mother, then he is also entitled to receive a deferral from service.