You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - bonus points of "MegaFon";
  • - phone number to which you want to activate bonuses.
To donate reward points, you can activate them as a reward to another subscriber of a network "the Megaphone" also participating in the bonus program. Send the points to the balance of another user cellular communication is impossible. Activate power-UPS to another number in several ways: SMS, USSD command or voice menu.
To activate points to a number of a friend or relative, make USSD command *115#the phone number without 8 or +7#code rewards# and press the call button. For example, *115#927XXXXXXX#150# call. This will allow you to activate bonus 50 messages to your friend. After sending the request you will receive confirmation that the activation was successful, or the message on impossibility to execute it. When the transfer of remuneration to the person you sent it to will also be notified.
If you want to use to activate rewards SMS, send short message to number 5010 with the text "reward code blank phone number no 8, which is activated". For example, message "555 927ХХХХХХХ". This request activates the 5 free minutes of calls within the network. In case of successful command execution you will get a confirmation SMS, as it will get and your friend. If the operation cannot be produced, you'll be notified.
You can use the voice menu to control bonus points and send it to other subscribers. To do this, call the short number 0510 and follow voice instructions. With a successful activation of the reward to the other party, you and your friend will receive a notification. If the transfer points is not possible, you will receive a warning message.