Use the services of the Bank for the transfer. To do this, open the account or contact the financial institution where you have it already open. When you send the money let room English account Bank name and SWIFT code. Decide what currency you want to send money. This can be done in dollars, euros or pounds. Bank transfer will take two to three business days. If your Bank provides this option, you can make money transfers on its website via the Internet.
Use the services of companies engaged in money transfers without opening an account. The highest number of branches in Russia - in Western Union. To use the services of this system, you need to know the full English name of the addressee, and the name of the city where it is located. Fill out the payment receipt in one of the banks cooperating with Westen Union. You can find them on a special yellow-and-black stickers with the company name. Pay in cash the amount of the transfer and the cost of delivery of money. You will be given a receipt that will contain a special code. Tell him over the phone or online English to the addressee, and he will be able to get your money in about an hour in any Westen Union office in your city.
Get yourself an e-wallet, for example, on the website of PayPal. Your recipient in the UK should do the same. Fund your account by credit card. Then make a transfer to someone was going on a virtual account. The transfer will be made instantly after verifying your account a moderator. After that, your recipient will be able to spend the money on online purchases, or cash them using your English Bank. Thus for such an action will have to pay an additional fee. Opening and use of the purse will be free.