Deactivate all unnecessary mailing using the service "Mobile Assistant". You just need to dial the short number 111. When in your home network the call will be free, however, beyond the call is charged. The exact amount depends on the pricing of the current tariff plan of the client.
Not only to abandon subscriptions and services, but also to learn which of them generally connected, with a self-service "Internet Assistant". To enter it, open the website of the company "MTS". There you will see a link to the system (next to it is a bright red icon).
Keep in mind: just go to "Internet Assistant" is impossible. First you have to set up a personal password. The user registers in the system is not required, since initially the number of each subscriber is already in the database "Internet Assistant". So, for the password send to operator USSD-request *111*25# or call at 1118. Don't forget that the code might not be shorter than four and no longer than seven characters.
In the first field, located on the main page "Internet Assistant", enter your mobile phone number (without the eight). In the second field enter the password. Click on the button "Login". After navigating the menu system you can manage your connected services. To disable any of them go to the "Rates and services". There is a list of all active services (paid and free). Opposite the one from which you wish to unsubscribe, click "Disable".
If you need to deactivate your subscription, go to the section called "Subscriptions" (it is also located in the "Internet Assistant"). Next you will see a list of available subscriptions. To turn off unnecessary mailing, simply click on the "Delete"button.