Advice 1: How to clean limescale

In most cases, descaling need only two home appliance. It's a kettle and iron. As you know, scale in the kettle, slows down boiling water. Moreover, in a Cup from the kettle along with the water can get a piece of scale.

To clean limescale from an electric kettle, you can use the easiest way. This requires the use of citric acid. To do this in kettle pour cold water. Now you can pour one sachet of citric acid and boil. Once the water is boiling, the kettle can be turned off and give it a cool. Drain the water, you need to see if there is still scale in the kettle. In that case, if the scale remains, repeat this procedure. If you were able to remove the limescale, the kettle should be thoroughly washed under running water. Should be boiled in the kettle with clean water and then rinse it again under cold water.

In order to get rid of the scum, you can use a powder descaler. Its chemical composition contains components that also contribute to the destruction of scale.

If the scum need to remove with an ordinary kettle is not electric, it has to be prepared plain baking soda. Filling the kettle with water, it is necessary to add a few teaspoons of baking soda and boil it. The boiling process should be about half an hour, then you need to pour water and see if there is any scum on the walls of the kettle. If the scale layer is large, do not need to use the baking soda and vinegar. It is poured into a teapot 100-150 ml and also boiled for 30 minutes. After the scum is removed, rinse the kettle with clean water.

In addition to the kettle there is a need to clean scale and with a home iron. If the iron has self-cleaning function, then, of course, you need to use it. Iron in this case has a special button, clicking on which the descaling is performed independently. For this a special capacity is filled with water and set the maximum temperature. Once the iron is heated, it will turn off automatically. The procedure must be repeated, waiting until the kettle has cooled. Now you need to turn off the iron and take it to the bathroom where I press the button descaling. If steam is released all the water came out, then iron should gently shake while holding down the cleaning button descaling.

If such function is not provided, you can use any store-bought limescale remover.

In the deepest form I have to put a few slats (wooden) and put them in the iron. Its sole should not touch the bottom. This form is filled with poured boiling water and remove limescale. The water level should be about 1-1,5 cm higher than the sole of the iron. This will protect from wetting the electrical parts of the iron. Iron in this state should be left for 10 minutes. To keep the water warm and clean from scale failed, the form of iron can be put on weak fire.

Advice 2: How to clean the kettle from scale

Limescale is the deposition of salts of iron, calcium, lime and sediment, present in unfiltered water. Gradually the kettle formed a thick layer, which complicates the device, increases the heating time and may also damage the heating element. How to remove limescale?
You will need
  • the descaler in powder form or solution;
  • - citric acid in tea bags;
  • - 70% of vinegar;
  • the brine from the cabbage, tomatoes or cucumbers;
  • - potato peelings.
Now in stores represented a huge range of equipment specifically designed to remove limescale from kettles. They are sold in powder form or in liquid form. To use drugs read the instructions from the manufacturer, pour or fill the kettle with the specified dosage, boil, cool, pour the solution, thoroughly rinse device. If the scum went not fully due to the fact that her coat is very thick, repeat the procedure.
From improvised household agents to remove limescale, you can use 70% vinegar, citric acid, potato peelings, cabbage juice, tomato and cucumber brine from the pickled vegetables.
To use vinegar fill the kettle with water by one third, add 4 tablespoons of vinegar, and heat the resulting solution, but not to a boil. Leave to stand overnight. In the morning drain the solution and rinse the device.
For descaling with citric acid, pour into the kettle four bags of pineapples (packing in 25 grams). Pour water up to maximum level, boil and leave for 12 hours, drain the solution, rinse the kettle.
Descaling with potato peels, fold them into the kettle to the maximum level, pour water, boil, let cool, then rinse thoroughly.
Cucumber, cabbage, tomato and pickle or pour undiluted, boil, leave for night, drain the brine, then wash the kettle.
All means are equally well remove scale as they contain in their composition the acid, and purification of potato – starch, contributing to the loosening of a dense layer of scale. As the means at hand, special, store-bought, safe to use and do not spoil the kettle.
For the prevention of scale formation use filtered water. The purest water is obtained using the triple filter deep cleaning of the type "Aquaphor".
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