Advice 1: How to pay pension contributions

Entrepreneurs that use the simplified system of taxation, shall annually make fixed payments to the Pension Fund, Federal compulsory medical insurance Fund and Territorial mandatory medical insurance Fund. These payments are called insurance premiums.
You will need
  • receipt for payments to the budget for payment through the Sberbank;
  • - details PFR, FFOMS and TFOMS;
  • - registration number to the FIU and TFOMS;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - print (in the preparation of the payment order on paper medium);
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - Bank-client and e-keys.
The owner may pay the entire amount of contributions once or in parts: four times each quarter. In the second case, the total amount of contributions in each Fund is divided into four. Each payment must be made no later than the 25th of the month following the quarter: 25 April, 25 July and 25 October. The exception is the final payment. The entire amount for the year must be transferred to the funds not later than December 31.

At its option the owner may use for payment of insurance premiums by the services of the savings Bank or make a transfer from your checking account on the payment UI on paper or using the system Bank-client. Bank charges for the realization of these royalties: all free.
For each method you will need the details of the payees. You can rent them at the offices of the respective funds, where it will clarify and payment amount for the current year, or on the official websites of the FIU and FFOMS. At last you can find coordinates TFOMS of the region.
In the payment or receipt must be indicated the registration number of the entrepreneur to the pension Fund, and for payments on obligatory medical insurance - in TFOMS. Learn these numbers in your territorial Department of the respective Fund.
A good helper in the payment of contributions as the "Electronic accountant Elba. To generate a receipt or a payment order with all the details and the amount to be paid depending on the selected payment schedule (quarterly or annually) it is available for free. You only need to enter in your account in the system available after free and simple registration, the registration number in the funds. Files can be imported to the computer, including the Bank-client, or print directly from the site.
For payment through Sberbank will need a receipt for transfers in budget. This form is slightly different from a standard receipt for the payments. So, if you're going to fill out a receipt for yourself, ask for tax payments. Free in offices, they often do not.
If you prefer to pay with your checking account, you have two options. The first is to contact the Bank. You can come there with a ready payment, certified by signature and seal. You can also ask to generate its teller. He will need the order number, amount of payment, a registration number to record in the box on the payment. Will have to show his passport and grab the seal.
When payment via Bank-client much difficulty either. Included in the system generated payment order by selecting the appropriate option in the interface, fastened her digital signature and sent to the Bank. Then you will have to visit passport credit organization to get a paper payment order with its mark - proof that Fund their own old age made.

Advice 2: How to pay insurance premiums

Call insurance premium payment (single or recurring), which is obliged to carry out the payer in favor of the insurer. Payment forms the material basis for protection of property and other risks.
The insurance premium is paid by the payer on the basis of a previously-written contract of insurance. In addition to the rights and obligations of both parties, it should contain amount and manner of payment (one-time, monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually). Examples of such contracts is the contract of medical insurance, railway, social, etc.
According to Russian legislation, the insurance payment shall be made before the 15th day of the current month. If this number falls on a weekend or holiday, the last day automatically considers the first day following the holiday. Failures in the internal system of the Bank and the funds transfer is not considered a valid reason for such delay is accrued penalties and interest in accordance with the law. If you need to pay several of the contracts of insurance have to fill out separate forms in each case.
There are several ways to pay insurance premiums. The first is via Bank transfer from your account to the account of the company's insurer. This is the most common method. For payment you must fill in a payment slip in the branch of the state Bank. When filling it in words you have to specify the payment date, installment amount up to cents, your VAT number and the same details of the recipient, your name and the name of the recipient organization, and detailed coordinates of the paying Bank and beneficiary Bank.
You can also pay for the insurance through payment terminals in the offices of Russian post. In the post office you can get a form to fill out, is completely analogous to the Bank receipt. Don't forget to bring you a service cashier-operator payment receipt confirming the transfer of payment.
In case of untimely payment of insurance premiums for each day of delay penalty is accrued.
In addition, Pension Fund is entitled to require the Bank to block the account delinquent.
Useful advice
Cheaper to pay social insurance contributions every quarter. In this case, the entrepreneur is entitled to reduce the amount of paid contributions taxes on income in the same quarter, but not more than half of the total amount of the tax.
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