You will need
  • - a sheet of white paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - the range;
  • - gouache or watercolor;
  • brush for drawing.
Take a pencil and a ruler and draw on a sheet of paper with two perpendicular lines. Draw a rectangle to bound the face. The point of intersection of two auxiliary lines drawn in the beginning, should be in the middle of this rectangle.
Arc lines draw the outlines of the face. It is better to carry out this work in parts. On paper you already have a rectangle divided into four parts auxiliary lines. First draw the shape of the upper half of the face in the upper two parts of the rectangle. Then draw more elongated the lower half of the face. Make sure that the face was symmetric about the vertical line.
From the intersection of the face border and the horizontal construction line start to draw the ear. In General, it is a little below the middle of the face. In the same way, draw the second ear.
To draw the eye. They should be located on a horizontal line, that is in the middle of the face. The distance between the eyes should ideally be the same as the length of the eye. Again, don't forget about symmetry, one eye must be a mirror image of the other. Draw the eyelids, a small and barely noticeable eyelashes, the pupil. Swipe with a ruler line of the eyebrows. In men it is usually slightly lower than in women. Draw a straight thick eyebrows.
Straight line mark a line slightly above the bottom edge of the ear. Draw the nose, focusing on this limiting line. The wings of the nose should be the same as the distance between the eyes.
Between the tip of the nose and the chin, draw in the middle line of the mouth. Draw lips, portraying a slight smile. Using shadows to portray the dimples at the ends of the lips. Add shadows to other parts of the face near the nose, eyes, chin. Mark the hairline and draw male hair. Finish the drawing by removing all the auxiliary lines.