You will need
  • - accounting program;
  • - "Client-Bank";
  • - reference framework.
For starters, it is important to understand the principle of creation of BIK and its structure. 1 and 2 digits in the number represent the country code in the banking system, so in Russia all the BIC starts with "04".
3 and 4 digits – code of a region that is determined according to all-Russian classifier of objects of administrative-territorial division (OKATO). For example, for Moscow it is equal to "45" for the Ivanovo region – "24", Krasnodar region – "03". The code pointer of the territories you'll be able to find in the reference legal systems.
5 and 6 digits of the BIC – number of the settlement-cash centre through which the Bank carries out payments. 7, 8 and 9 level – number Bank of the payment network of the Central Bank of Russia, which opened its correspondent account.
If you are available to an accounting program, to learn the name and other requisites of the credit institution from the BIC directory of the. Use the search function, type in a nine digit Bank code, and you will get the required information. But don't forget to regularly update the information, since banks can change the name and status, and in addition, we cannot exclude the possibility of revocation of license and bankruptcy of any of them.
If you apply the system "Client-Bank", identify the name and correspondent account of the credit institution's BIC reference guide, which opens when forming payment orders. Such programs usually contain relevant information, so upgrade it is not required.
You can also find Bank BIC using reference frameworks. However, some of them provide information in the context of the territories, so define 3 or 4 digits of the BIK code of the subject of the Russian Federation on OKATO and browse Bank list of credit institutions registered in the region.
In addition, the official and actual information on banks and their details can be obtained from the website of the Central Bank of Russia Open the tab "Info Interregional center of Informatization of the Bank of Russia", download to your computer distribution of software "Directory BIK" and follow the installation instructions. Use the search function: press F5 and type from 3 to 9 digits of BIK.
With this program, the Bank of Russia you will not only get the name of the Bank and its correspondent account, but also phone numbers, business address, can find out the possibility of using electronic payments and exchange of electronic documents and determine the current state of Affairs of the Bank (change of Bank details, license revocation, blocking of debit transactions, etc.). Don't forget to periodically download updates of the dictionary.