Advice 1: How to make jeans shorts

Jeans are good for everyday wear. But over time, the bottom of the product wears out, especially those things that do not fit in length. Mechanical friction with the ground during walking spoils the appearance of jeans. Sometimes they vysharkivayutsya on the knees, but if a pity to throw away the thing that's a little ismacilis, you can make shorts by cutting away part of the length.
Put on your jeans and measure the length that you like. Remember that it should be with a margin of 2-4 inches, it is necessary for bending. If you want shorts with torn edges, mark the exact length, because the hem does not have. The back length should be greater than 0.5 cm, as the convex shape of the buttocks and lift the thing.
How to make jeans shorts
In place of the mark length, draw a line and cut the excess fabric with sharp scissors. If you take dull, the cut will turn out rough and hem uncomfortable.
How to make jeans shorts
If you are going to hem the bottom, make the double bend bottom. The width of the bend should be 1 – 2 cm the wider the bend, the less visible the location of the bend. You need to bend inwards. Then keen thread ACC or iron, so it will be easier to sew the fabric.
How to make jeans shorts
Hem the bottom on the sewing machine. If you don't want to hem, lightly puff on the bottom of the shorts. To do this, remove the transverse strands and comb brush longitudinal, which appeared at the bottom of the shorts.
How to make jeans shorts
Wash the thing and carefully press open the seam. Then the shorts ready.
How to make jeans shorts

Advice 2: How to make denim shorts

Surely in your wardrobe are abandoned jeans that are so loved, what a pity to throw away. But wearing them is not desirable or impossible. Breathe new life into your favorite thing will help a pair of scissors and your imagination.
Denim shorts – a classic of the summer season. They can be sporty look, combining it with sneakers and a t-shirt. And can be worn with heels and a blouse.

Ladies love denim shorts for the opportunity of expression. It's a canvas on which to create. And shorts, made by hand from start to finish, it is also a guarantee that the second such you will not meet.

The basis for creativity

Before crop jeans, they need to be washed, dried and ironed. Decide on the desired length of future shorts. If you are not sure, make them a little longer. To cut short you will always have time, extending will be problematic.

Turn the jeans inside out, fold it exactly and mark cut lines. Add a couple of inches on the stock and carefully cut using sharp scissors.


Now use your fantasy. If you want to bend the bottom, making a neat edge, tuck the shorts and sew a double seam on a typewriter. To line it turned out a flat, bent edge can be pre-press. If you do not want to sew, make a small fringe. Ragged hem is also in fashion.

In order to completely change the color of the resulting shorts, they must be bleached. Spray bleach spray and leave for a few hours. Then wash again and rinse well. Paint for fabric can be purchased in sewing stores or departments for creativity. Dilute according to instructions and apply it on the shorts.

The Ombre effect can be achieved using several colors at the same time. Apply first one, then another. RUB the border, while the paint hadn't dried yet. It is better to use colors that are close in the spectrum: red-orange-yellow, blue-blue-purple, etc.

If you want shorts with a print, make a stencil out of heavy paper and use it to paint your design using acrylic paint or markers.

Trendy ripped shorts are made with a razor blade. Chaotically make a few cuts, and then with scissors, remove some threads to make a fringe. Using a pumice stone, you can create the effect of fading.

Trendy shorts with lace. Buy shop for sewing lengths of beautiful lace and sew it to the pocket or side seam. To facilitate the work, use the lace adhesive.

Another idea bright decor – decorated with fabric or ribbons back pockets of the shorts. Studs, spikes and rhinestones – they are also useful for decoration.
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