Advice 1: How to learn to read people's thoughts

Who would not like to learn to read the thoughts of the interlocutor? This ability, if it were feasible, would have opened before you the limitless possibilities of effective communication. To read a person like a book, you can if you know the secrets of sign language.
Body movements and gestures are almost always silently accompany human behavior. More the gestures peculiar to the situation of communication. Typically, each of us is not able to fully grasp and to control their non-verbal, nonverbal behavior. That is why the body language becomes a powerful tool allowing to some extent to read other people's thoughts.
Of course, we are not talking about literal reading of the thoughts of the interlocutor. However, psychological research has shown that feelings that one experiences in the moment, inner urges, secret desires, very often erupt in the form of unconscious movements, postures and even tone of voice.
We see as one of the interlocutors is in a closed posture, crossed arms and legs, sometimes even just turning away in the direction from the communication partner. This may indicate a reluctance to communicate, the desire to quickly leave the area uncomfortable communication. Another sign pointing to such a kind of "escape" - the position of the toes. If they are directed away from the interlocutor – it is a sure sign of the desire to cease communication and to withdraw.
On the contrary, the open position, rotation of the body toward the partner, sometimes accompanied by a slight tilt forward, indicate the benevolence, commitment to contact. The hands are not crossed, their hand is not clenched into fists, and gesticulating freely.
To with high probability to determine the sincerity of the source and the veracity of his statements, one should pay attention to the presence or absence of his so-called gestures of "hand to face". Beware, if your counterpart in the conversation is too often a hand touches his nose, tugging your ear, involuntarily covering her mouth with his hand. One of the signs of insincerity is periodic blink a lot, as well as the accelerated pace of speech.
Want to know the thinking of the partner follow his gaze. Look, aimed the nose, evidence of business. Just below when communicating look down on our friends and simply familiar to us humans. If the view slides in so-called "intimate" zone (chest area), it is possible that you are not a Platonic interest.
In the literature on non-verbal behavior often meet the claim that dilated pupils indicate sexual arousal and show interest in the opposite sex. Treat this critical opinion: the size of the pupil to a considerable extent depend on the level of illumination in the room, and can also simply be indicative of anxiety or even fear. No wonder there is a proverb "fear has big eyes".
These are just a few of the signs that - with enough practice - will allow you a little bit to penetrate into the thoughts of another person. But even if you master the art of reading other people's thoughts, try this ability is not abused.

Advice 2: How to learn to read people's thoughts

The desire to penetrate the thoughts of other people invisible to them excites the minds of millions of people. In his time a famous psychologist wolf messing was even performed in public with the numbers, where he solved the task written by someone on a piece of paper and hid from him. The ability to read minds is often shrouded in mystery, ranked as the occult or parapsychology. This is a misconception, as psychologists "read minds" by observing visible behavioural reactions.
You will need
  • For developing the ability to see through people, you will need observation and patience as well as a little knowledge on how to interpret the different gestures and behavioral responses.
Develop observation skills, analyze what he saw. No wonder there is a saying, "Psychologists have fun watching". Boring conference, uninteresting events and parties, leisurely walks in the Park, movies... Life gives so many opportunities to develop observation! Look at the people, try to understand their reactions, try to solve their life style and way of thinking on the basis of short observations. This will help develop insight.
Learn the ABCs of gestures. There are many books on the interpretation of gestures. Especially good on the subject writes Allan Pease. Through this book you will be able to learn to recognize the lies, to see some hidden intentions, fleeting reactions that the person is trying to hide.
Read books on psychoanalysis. Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, Karen Horney, and many other psychologists have devoted much effort to attempts to understand the unconscious expression of man. These symptoms erupt in different ways in human behavior, we just have to learn to interpret them.
Learn how to enable it in test questions. After you become skilled in the ability to observe, recognize gestures and to interpret reservations, can learn to turn the tests in it. For example, to common questions people usually answer so they give you their intentions. For example, if you ask a man: "What kind of girls created for marriage, and what not?" he will answer about what's important in a future wife for him. After that, you can not ask who he wants to marry, is so clear. And this is not the only test reception.
The thoughts of others is not always pleasant to others. In fact, their cause and hide, not to scandals, not to produce conflicts and not to provoke a quarrel. Learning to read people's thoughts, tune into what previously nice people can cause you rejection. Or parallel to develop tolerance and Forbearance to others disadvantages.
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Additional source:
"Body language. How to read others thoughts by their gestures, Allan Pease, 2010.
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